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Language of the term

Term 1


The language we are learning first this year is Makaton. We are learning what it is like to talk with our hands and used our newly found skills to accompany our speaking and singing. It is good fun and helps us to remember words by using actions and to experience what it might be like for someone who can't communicate in the same way that we do.


Do you have any suggestions for what language we might learn next? If so please let Mrs Bancroft or your child's class teacher know and we will try and include it in our learning.





Last year we learnt a few words and phrases in languages spoken by children and families in our school eg Hungarian, Russian, Italian, Cantonese and Mandarin.  We  answered the register in the language of the term, learnt how to say words such as hello, welcome, thank you and good bye and some information about where that language is spoken eg where Hungary is and we also have  some labels round the school to help us learn the words.